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Copyright (c) 1995-2008 by Tihomir Dimitrov – compiler,  M.Sc. in Psychology (1995),  M.A. in Philosophy (1999).  All rights reserved.


This e-book and its contents may be used solely for  non-commercial, educational purposes.  If used on the Internet, a link back to my site at  would be appreciated.      


Compiler’s email:


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International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS); Ph.D. Scientists & physicians on near-death experiences (NDE):

Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF); physicians on near-death experiences (NDE):

NB:  Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors,  if they ever had near-death experiences or paranormal experiences.  You will be surprised. 

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife; Ph.D. Scientists & psychiatrists on NDE:

Inspiring and informative NDE stories & videos:


IANDS  NDE videos:


Insightful NDE videos:


Ph.D. scientists who investigated and accepted the paranormal & the afterlife:


21 Nobel laureates on Darwinism & consciousness:


Reasons To Believe (Science-Faith Think Tank): 

Michael Caputo's site Atheism Exposed and Defeated:
​​ (The Religious Affiliation of the Most Influential People): 


Richard Swinburne, Oxford Professor of Philosophy:

Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy (Boston College):

Alvin Plantinga, Professor of Philosophy (University of Notre Dame):


Christian Center for Science and Apologetics  (in English & Russian):

Was Darwin right? (Ph.D. Scientists on Intelligent Design & Evolution): 

Stephen E. Jones' quotes database:

Famous Scientists and their God – essays & links: 

Conservapedia on Atheism: 

Transforming Teachers (Teaching as Ministry): 

Seneca - a gold mine of psychological and philosophical teachings:


Sadhguru - surprising psychological and spiritual insights:


Satchidananda - great psychological and spiritual insights:


Rajneesh (Osho) - valuable psychological and spiritual ideas:


Ojaswi Sharma - great psychological and spiritual insights:


Dr. Ian Stevenson's Reincarnation Research:


Dr. Raymond Moody on Reincarnation:


Askmoses - great Q&A site:


Rumi, Islamic scholar and Sufi mystic - inspiring insights:


Ralph Waldo Emerson - surprising psychological and spiritual insights:


Eva Pierrakos' lectures - great psychological and spiritual teachings:


Barbara Brodsky - valuable psychological and spiritual insights:


Carla L. Rueckert - great psychological and spiritual ideas:


Pamela Kribbe - insightful psychological and spiritual teachings:


Helen Greaves, an insightful book "Testimony of Light":


Helen Greaves' other valuable books:


Eckhart Tolle - great psychological and spiritual teachings:


Steven Pinker, parts of the book "Why Violence Has Declined?":
Click here & here; and a video here.


The free e-book "The True Story of Fatima" by John de Marchi & "Miracle of the Sun" in Wikipedia: 
Click here & here


Alan Watts & Rupert Sheldrake (videos):


Inspiring free  e-book “Ami, Child of the Stars” by Enrique Barrios:
Click here & here & here & here & here, to read the different volumes of the e-book. 


Quora - a gold mine of psychological and spiritual insights:







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